New Photography Toy

A few weeks ago, in one of Lens-artists’ weekly challenges, Tina introduced us to the work of the photographer Jamie Konarski Davidson.

Through her, I knew the Lens-Baby lenses, which interested me a lot, I thought they could help me regain the desire to catch the camera.

So with the Christmas excuse, I thought it was a good time to give me a new lens.

After analyzing the different types that there are and consulting with a friend who uses them, I decided on the Composer Pro II with Sweet 35.

It came to me at the end of the year and on New Year’s Day, I went for a walk with it around my home.

The Basilica of El Pilar, the most photographed building in my city, served me to start the tests.

I think it’s a kind of lens to practice slow photography, I like it! It’s manual focus, something that doesn’t scare me, since I use it very often. The blurring effect can be very drastic using large apertures (2.5) or softer closing the diaphragm (22).

Goya’s Majas and Majos were very kind, allowing me to portray them. Even Don Francisco de Goya appears around.

What I found more difficult is to get the focus point right, for this it is necessary to adjust the rotation movement of the lens well. I suppose it will require more practice.

In this case I lost the focus point, but I found the result interesting.

My first tests with the Sweet 35 have been satisfactory, although I have to practice more. I really like the effect it creates and I’m looking forward to testing it elsewhere and also with close-up photography.

So, it looks like it got me out of my photographic apathy… 👍


17 thoughts on “New Photography Toy

  1. Loved your post Ana and think you got some terrific results, especially with the statues. Your various images of them illustrate the power of the lens and how you can change emphasis on various parts of your subject with it. So glad you’ve overcome your photographic malaise and especially glad to have played a part in it! Your photography is beyond wonderful!


    1. Sorry for the delay in answering, I haven’t had much time for internet lately.
      I liked the effect on the statues better than the more open shots. I think it will be a very funny lens, now I feel like trying it in closeup. 😘

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