It’s a Small World

This week Anne Sandler is the host of Lens-Artists and has presented us a theme that I love. Even if I try to do different things, I always go back to closeup photography, I think that’s where I’m most comfortable.

Anne explains very well the difference between macro photography and closeup. In my case, over time, I have realized that mine is the approximation. Whenever I try to take a macro photograph, I usually take “a step back” to include something else in the image.

I started to get closer with my little Sony H-1. A very versatile camera, with macro function, compact, with a small sensor and a large zoom. In my first attempts, flowers were the object of my photography.

Pequeña flor / Little flower

When I switched to a reflex camera, the Sony A350, I soon realized that with normal lenses, I wasn’t going to get that close, so I bought a macro lens, the Tamron 90. A lens that has given me a lot of fun. Flying bugs were a lot easier to catch with the Tamron.

Mi primera libélula II / My first dragonfly II

Although I have not only approached nature…

Gota y luz

When I left the reflex and went over to the “dark side” or should I say “light side”… mirrorless cameras. My dear little Fuji X100 also allowed me to get quite close. And with the X-E1 or the one I currently use the X-T1, I had to buy an adapter to be able to use the Tamron 90.

¡A volar!

Over the years I have preferred to go “light in luggage”, so the Tamron leaves the house very little. I thought the closeup filters would allow me to keep making closeup pictures, but without having to carry a lot of weight.

I bought, to test, a package of several filters of different magnifications very cheap. With them I learned that, if I wanted some quality, I would have to spend some more money and then I bought a B+W (+4). I always carry it in my backpack and I use it a lot. It’s not like using the Tamron 90, but it allows me to get pretty close, with an acceptable result.

When I review my approximation photographs, I realize that, in general, I give more importance to the composition than to getting the detail more focused. That’s why I can’t consider myself a Macro fan.

Now I have to do tests, at a short distance, with my new photographic toy, a Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 35. It arrived a few days ago, I have to test it and see the result I get in closeup photography.

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19 thoughts on “It’s a Small World

  1. What beautiful macro/close up photography Ana! You picked up so much detail in the dragon fly and the water drop is outstanding. While doing this post, I realized that I mostly do extreme close up photography. I think it’s mostly due to my inability to spot bugs, etc. So, I stick with flowers, sometimes catching that macro opportunity. Stay safe.

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  2. well Ana, I knew you’d excel on this one and you did not disappoint! Your images are amazing, especially the water droplet. Such a simple thing and yet so beautiful – you really are an artist. Happy to hear you went ahead with the Lensbaby. I’m looking forward to seeing your results!

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    1. Thank you very much, Tina, you are very kind. 😘

      So far, I’ve only been able to go out with the Lensbaby one morning and I had a great time, I posted some photos a few days ago.

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  3. Ana – you are fantastic! Amazing images! I have the same type of Tamron lens, but have never heard of your filters, but they seem to work perfectly. And your new lensbaby – looking forward to seeing the results. Your last image in this magnificent series is oustanding.

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    1. Thank you very much, Ann-Christine. I have used the Tamron 90 a lot, but now I always carry the +4 filter and, although it is not the same, it helps me to get some interesting photos without having to carry a lot of weight.

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  4. Your collection is fabulous, Ana, as well as your explanation of how you created each shot. Lovely! The dragonfly and the dried flower are among my favorites here. I hope all’s well with you.

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    1. Thank you very much, Patti. Close-up photography is my favorite.
      We are doing well around here, enduring the continuous changes in regulations to control the covid and trusting that the vaccine will return us to normal at some point. What about you? I am always attentive when the news talks about the situation in the USA, now I have many WordPress friends there. 😘

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