Lensbaby, our third date

The first time wasn’t bad, we were getting to know each other, it was a nice exit. The second one was more complicated, I wanted more and we didn’t understand each other.

It is said that there’s no two without three, so we went out again.

Even though I wasn’t planning on doing scenery, I couldn’t resist that fog.
The focus point goes away a lot. Maybe I get closer than I should, I have to control the minimum distance. Our relationship isn’t going to be easy, but maybe by putting a little more on my side, we’ll get something interesting.
I open too much the aperture to blur the backgrounds and the point of interest loses focus too.

During the walk I recognize that I got excited, for how good it seemed to go, and I thought I was going to change its name, it would become “My Baby”, but when I started to review the photos, I think we will continue with “Lensbaby”. It’s going to be hard for us to understand!

This is a small sample of my third experience with the Lensbaby, later I will publish some more images.


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