Colourful April

Last Sunday we met with my little son and his partner, since we couldn’t get together at home, we decided to take a walk through a park near his house, my daughter-in-law had told me that it was full of tulips, so I took my little X100, just in case.

It was a beautiful morning and the park was full of people who, like us, wanted to enjoy some fresh air.
I wasn’t the only one thinking of immortalizing the moment.
He kept an eye on me, so I couldn’t get too close

When I downloaded the photos from the camera, I found some photos I took in December of flowers I used to play with soap bubbles.

Colourful surprise in April!!!

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23 thoughts on “Colourful April

  1. What a treat to see these beautiful, colorful tulips. I love tulips, but we can’t grow them here, it could be the weather.
    For some reason, I haven’t been able t open up your colorful surprise gallery, will be back later.

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    1. It’s a pity, tulips have a lot of charm, but surely in Kiawah you have plants that we have not seen in Spain.
      Thank you very much, Tina 😘


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