Frog Prince

Taking advantage that last Friday was festive in my city, which gave me a longer weekend, I took again to walk my Lensbaby

In the fountain of the frogs I was a good while, taking several perspectives, approaching or moving away, from one side or the other, blurring stronger or softer… At the end of all the images I took, only this one you see at the beginning I gave a pass. In several of the shots, although the composition was good, I didn’t get the right focus point. I have to improve my vision with this lens, I guess it’s a matter of practice.

Just as on the first walk I came home with very good feelings, this time it was a bit frustrating. I came out with a more concrete idea than the first time, looking for objects to stand out against a blurred background.

I didn’t find too many objects to photograph. It was an almost spring morning and there were too many people on the street, lately that makes me very insecure and I didn’t take the walk too long.

By the way, none of the frogs asked me to take her home, so there was no prince. 😉


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