Favorite Photos of 2020

It has been a very scarce year in photos and I will not totally blame the virus, although something has influenced. Not being able to travel as usual, has taken away my opportunity to take my camera to new places.

I can’t say that during the past year I’ve taken photos I can consider favorite, so I’ll take a photo tour of the year.

The year began with great enthusiasm, we had wedding in May and in January we accompanied the bride to visit the village of the Pyrenees where she had decided to hold the celebration. We had a great day, we couldn’t imagine what the year would bring.

Of course, the wedding was postponed for this year. It was going to be a very international wedding, people coming from Austria, where the couple (Spanish&French) currently lives, also from Germany, France, Indonesia and of course Spain, we’ll see if now that would be possible.

A few days before the state of alarm was declared in Spain, we held a surprise party for my young son. We could not imagine that in a few weeks we would all be confined at home. Fortunately from that meeting of almost 50 people, where there were many laughs, kisses and hugs, we all came out healthy.

This could be my favorite picture of the year. 😍

During the confinement I started a photo challenge with the mobile, following the words that were coming out on the strip of paper. I have to confess I haven’t finished it yet. I’m going to try that by next March, which will be a year since I started it, I have them all done…

During the summer we were able to go to the Pyrenees, but we were very quiet, cooking and walking around the house.

Although, in those days, I also tried new photography techniques, returning to the beginnings… Lumen Series

In October we were able to return to the Pyrenees, the snow received us…

In November we were confined to the city…

In December… what boredom does… photographing at home… Bubbles!

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19 thoughts on “Favorite Photos of 2020

  1. The year was a bit bizarre wasn’t it Ana – from the fun beginning with so many plans to lockdowns and finally to learning to live with the new restrictions. Good for you for taking on your project with your mobile phone and also for working on improvement. You took on much more than I did and your beautiful images all year showed your commitment and creativity as well as your talent. Here’s to more birthday parties and weddings in the year ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You were creative and got out the most of it anyway. Love the surprise party image – warm and tender. And your phone series – hopefully we will see something of it later! Wishing us all a Better New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Ann-Christine. All the photos I’ve been doing for the mobile challenge, have been appearing on the blog as Instaphoto, I just need to do a few. 😘


  3. I appreciate your creative photo works, Ana. Lumen Series is very cool.
    Hope things will be back to normal this year, so we can be places to take photos!

    Liked by 1 person

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