Under the Sun

My participation in Lens-Artist is a little later than usual, being on holiday habits change…

As my photographic creativity is low, not to say zero. I thought I needed something new in these holiday days. I encouraged myself to go back in the history of photographic processes and to approach to the lumen prints which takes you back to the beginnings of camera-­less photography in 1830s when William Henry Fox Talbot made his “photogenic drawings”.

My first image was under the sun for an hour, in the full morning sun and this was the result.

Scanned negative

Being away from home and not having the scan, to be able to edit it I photographed it with the mobile and then I passed it to the portable computer, where I edited it with Photoshop.

Ghost Butterfly

Improved contrast and clarity a bit, I reversed the image to get a positive. I also corrected the perspective.

I really like this activity, the result is always amazing and I really like that halo of dream that the images have.

For everyone’s peace of mind, I did not catch any butterfly, as you can see it is made with two ivy leaves and for the antennae, some blades of grass.

I am using Ilford photo paper, I will give more details when I have all the sheets exposed.

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Under the Sun


13 thoughts on “Under the Sun

    1. Thank you, Tina 😘
      We are in our second home at the Pyrenees, but all is very strange, we are not going any place, home and garden… I am a bit sad!

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  1. Hi, Ana. You are in the Pyrenees. How lovely, but as you say, strange too because you aren’t traveling much. It’s a strange hibernation we’re in! I love your experiment with the sun prints. The colors in the second image are wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love them, Ana – well done – very creative.I can only agree with you on the strangeness of times…but staying in the Pyrenees sounds like one of the best places to stay. Astoundingly beautiful. Hopefully we all will get some creativity and joy back soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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