Creativity in the Time of Covid

Since Covid came into our lives, my creativity has been at a minimum.  I think the virus doesn’t directly have that effect, so it must be me….

It really was a very, very bad day.

“It’s not you, it’s me”.

I think I’m not having a good attitude, I’m very negative, I don’t feel like going out, I don’t feel like taking the camera, I feel like this…

This photograph was taken for a Photography and Self-Knowledge Workshop for Brave Women, which I did a couple of years ago.

One of the exercises was to make a self-portrait that showed our emotion of the moment.

And I chose a very bad day for it.  I don’t usually curse, but sometimes…

(as this blog is a bad-words-free space,

I won’t translate the word from the mirror…)  😉

I tried to encourage my creativity, just with confinement I started the series “Instaphoto”.

A project that is unfinished, I have 8 photos left to make and I have few ideas to realize them.

For the holidays I took all the artillery… Two cameras, tripod, macro lens… and I haven’t taken them out of the backpack…

Fortunately it occurred to me to take a journey back in time and go to the beginnings of photography.  I did several tests of Lumen prints, in the previous entry of Lens-Artist “Under the Sun” I already showed you the first result.

I even got creative with what I put “cooking” in the sun…

Shortly I will show you how it went with the Lumen.

But I have to do something about my attitude, I have to stop complaining and get to work, which, it’s said, is the best way to find inspiration. I would rather be like this…

Taken by photographer Elda Maganto, during the same Workshop for Brave Women .

“If we do not have the capacity to change a situation, we face a greater challenge: to change ourselves”

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16 thoughts on “Creativity in the Time of Covid

  1. Ana, your closing quote is perfection!! I honestly think we all feel that way these days. I know I do. The post I did about photographing my friend’s family forced me to take my camera out and after that I pushed myself to do this week’s photography. Don’t beat yourself up, we are most all feeling the same way!

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    1. I know, I know. Putting these emotions in writing and sharing them helps give them perspective and your comments help me not to feel alone with them.

      Thanks a lot 🙂


  2. Nice looking photos, nice looking camera, nicer looking YOU in the last photo! This series would also work well with the topic ‘honesty’. Well done. 🙂


  3. It’s important to realize there are simply times when we have to be gentle with ourselves. This is one of those times. That you are even recognizing the lack of energy and focus is a victory of sorts. I have to keep shaking my head and saying “okay, the stress is real and my reaction is reasonable. I just can’t ignore it and try to go about life as if it didn’t exist.” Then I try to focus on some basic self-care and try to find something interesting to do each day. Now is probably not the best time to evaluate my performance according to “normal” criteria.

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    1. I agree and I try every day, but sometimes it’s not easy, especially since I’m afraid we’re going to have to live with this for a long time. Thank you very much for your comment, I liked it very much.


  4. Ana, we can all relate to your post. This pandemic is causing us to go inward. I get joy out of going out on limited activities with a photo buddy or two. And changing how we react to something is our only way to find our way back to joy.

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    1. True, but I worry that I feel too comfortable with separation with friends, I haven’t met them in days. I would not like to become so antisocial.
      Thanks a lot for your words 🙂

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  5. Love your post, Ana! Like so many of us, I can relate to your feelings and the lack of…almost everything. Love your quotes and love your attitude and portraits of moods. In one of the comments I read about being kind to yourself these days. We try, don’t we, but don’t always succeed. A great post!

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  6. I can relate to your feelings. It has been difficult…. Thank you for reminding me with this quote “… to change ourselves.”
    Love these photos, Ana.

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