This week Patti proposes a very interesting topic. Those who know about photography tell us that the diagonals are lines with greater tension, visual force and generate interesting perspectives, for this reason it is said that these lines are the most attractive in composition.

It is also very useful for me to continue showing some of the photos I took in the urban photography workshop that I did last week.

Just yesterday I posted a few photos, so we could consider today a continuation. As I explained yesterday, the teachers encouraged us to look for risky compositions, avoiding postcard photos.

In my case, I looked up a lot and used many diagonals, I don’t know if it was successful, but here are some examples. I would have discarded some of them, because they don’t seem very interesting to me and I would love to know your opinion.

Which one do you like the most or which one would you send to the bin? Are diagonals effective in these cases? Be honest, if you don’t like any of them, you can also tell me.

“Criticism is information that will help you grow”

Hendrie Weisinger
In this case I see two diagonals, the first is clear, the bench that leads us to the seated girl, the second would be the gaze of the sculpture, which also leads us to the girl. The black and white option is to try to depersonalize the girl, I don’t like to photograph unknown people and it is very difficult for me to publish them when I take a photo of that type. I feel like the black and white makes it a bit more anonymous.

Looking up, trying to find different images. My poor cervical were not too happy. 😞

We will let our necks rest… The lines on the ground seem to invite us to accompany the couple that goes towards the light.

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32 thoughts on “Diagonals

  1. Great photos. I like the positioning of the seated person in front of the seated sculpture. I like to take building shots at different angles too. Good one with the silhouettes in the passageway.

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  2. well since you asked Ana, I’ll give you my honest feedback 😊. I absolutely loved your opener which is a superb composition. I also loved your closing image , also an excellent composition, especially in the use of light/shadow/silhouette in addition to the diagonal. I was not crazy about the building images. Just a bit too “off” for me. But beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and others may find those perfect! That’s one of the best things about art – as we say here in the U.S., “different strokes for different folks”! Thanks so much for joining us with these.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Tina. 😘
      I will always appreciate your opinion. I agree with you, if it hadn’t been for the challenge of the diagonals, I don’t think I would have published the images of the buildings, apart from being an exercise, I don’t see much interest in them.


  3. Excellent photos, Ana! Beautiful image of the first image especially, perfect composition, beautiful lighting and angle! Love the last one, it leads toward the light.

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  4. I like diagonals a lot — I think they add energy, and as you demonstrate in the first photo, they can also guide the viewer’s eye. By being at odd (diagonal) angles, the building shots cause the viewer to look a-fresh, to see differently, to be open again to what is really there. And these angles also open up wonderful Vs of negative space in the sky.

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    1. Thank you very much. It was not easy to capture the image, there was too much contrast between the darkness of the alley and the light from the background. When developing the photo in Camera Raw, I slightly brightened the shadows on the pavement, which I thought made the photo a bit better.

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  5. I think your first photo in black and white is brilliant. It mixes the new and old and also shows reflection of both the girl who is engrossed in her phone, and the sculpture who might be praying for her. It is an interesting ponder and I love photos that seem to tell a story. The couple in the last photo is the same. I love the mood and the curiosity in evokes.

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