Photography Workshop

Last Saturday I participated in a workshop on urban photography. It was organized by a photography school and some tour guides from my city also participated.

It had been a long time since I didn’t have so much fun, I already missed a photographic outing, and I also had the opportunity to discover many curiosities from some corners of my city.

The photography teachers were giving us advice on technique and composition. They encouraged us to look beyond the typical images.

The first look…

… or another way of seeing.

They made us look up…

Bold compositions…

They taught us to look for contrasts, not stop at the easiest, learn to see and wait… It was a very productive day, I will be showing more images in the coming days.


8 thoughts on “Photography Workshop

    1. Well today you can do it. The Lens-artists challenge has allowed me to come back with these photos very quickly. Thank you very much for your kind comments.


    1. Thank you Penny. I think it’s something we should always remember and, when we can, not settle for the first or easiest shot.


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