Striped and Checked

He was afraid to face his fears, 
to go out at night and dance the charleston. 
He was afraid to combine the wrong colors, 
to speak with her and open his heart. 
He was afraid to defend himself from the wolves, 
and he was afraid of his reflection in the glass 
but one good day he faced his fears 
and came out the entire night to dance 
and combined stripes with checked 
and gave her his heart dressed for carnival 
and nothing happens, and nothing happens 
life goes on, the world doesn’t end 
nothing happens, I want to affirm it. 
In the doubt, do it!...

As soon as I read this week’s Ann-Christine theme, I came up with the song “Ante la duda” by El Kanka.

He’s one of my favorite singers, more than that he’s my guru, his songs are full of positivity, good vibes.

In this song he talks about fears, where I feel so recognized. I admit that I am still working on my many fears and that of mixing striped with plaid, I still don’t have it. 🙄

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Striped & Checked


19 thoughts on “Striped and Checked

  1. Great choices – strong and beautiful combined with fine artsy – well done. El Kanka – love his words. I am old enough to do what I feel like, so I guess this often comes with age. Just DO IT!

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  2. Your opening image and song lyrics are quite stunning this week Ana, I loved both of them but especially loved them together. Somehow you always manage to find just the right way to evoke emotion, even on a week where the challenge is a straightforward concrete one. Brava.

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    1. I guess for me photography is mostly emotion… Emotion in the moment of seeing the photograph, pressing the button, the edition, when sharing it…
      Thanks for your words, Tina 😘


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