Disastrous Photoreportage

Some years ago, we, family and friends, went to spend some time at the kart circuit. It was clear to me that I would not drive, I get dizzy just thinking about it. I told them that I would be in charge of making the graphic report of the day. 😁

There we were all, they were ready to start and I in the middle of the track, like brave reporter 🤩

At that time, my camera was a Sony A350 reflex, which to make my usual photos, served very well. But ask it to take pictures in a space with little light and, in addition, people to portray in movement… Just in case, I also took a small compact FinePix F550EXR camera, which was a bit more modern and was supposed to work better with high ISO.

Well, I can’t blame everything on the cameras, I should have known what was going to happen… 😩

Ghost Driver

Although I made more pictures that went well, while everyone was preparing for the race or during the trophy presentation, the truth is that I did not come out very happy of my experience as a sports reporter. Neither my cameras, nor I, were prepared for it.

5 thoughts on “Disastrous Photoreportage

  1. Not a disaster! You learned about long exposure and movement! And to be honest: the ghost one is great. It shows the speed and dynamics of a cart! After this experience, you knew a lot more of little light and movement!

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    1. I totally agree. But at that time, that my intention was to collect photographs of a family moment, I thought it was a disaster.
      Thank you, Chris 😘

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  2. I also like the ghost driver! I don’t think of this type of shoot as a disaster, but a lesson. When this pandemic is over, I want to put myself in a position to shoot more action photography. I have problems with this type of photography and want to get better at it now that I have a better camera.

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    1. It’s true, I like the ghost driver, now. But when I took it, the idea was to take images of a family moment and I was not very happy with the result.
      Thank you, Anne 😘

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