Delicate Colours

La visita / The visitor
Thinking of delicate colours takes me straight to Spring, the same one I won’t be able to enjoy this year.  It is true that, starting tomorrow, we can go out on the streets with more freedom, we’ll be in phase 2. Hurrah!!  But I’m not really looking forward to going out, just enough to work or to buy… I don’t really feel like going with the camera, the mask… thinking about the safety distance…

So to remember the colors of Spring, I’ll search the archive, which is a safe and free area of Covid.

Etéreo / Ethereal

Unreal, subtle, diffuse, light, ethereal… how many adjectives to describe a delicate beauty.

Taller fotografía aproximación

“A delicate thought is a flower in the mind.” Charles Rollin


The delicacy of petals

La Primavera está llegando / The Spring is arriving

A bouquet of spring flowers.

Delicadeza rosa

With such a delicate interior, the exterior beauty is assured.

Mariposa en clave [alta]

No more pink flowers.

I would like

to be a verse that has

all the fragrance of Spring and

like a rare butterfly revolving over your life,

over your body, over your face.

(Excerpt from a poem by Nicolás Guillén)


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