My other self

Mi otro yo
A few days ago in my post “My unusual photographies” I put this picture of “My other Self”.

This was a gift from my brother a few years ago.

It is a reproduction in clay of an image that was taken on a task that we did in my group “Fotograf@s en Zaragoza“.

An unforgettable and very enriching experience, both personally and photographically.

It was a chain of portraits. A photographer takes photographs of another photographer and this in turn has to do the same with another fellow of the group.

For me it was a big challenge. I don’t like being photographed, nor do I like to make portraits.

I had a hard time deciding to let myself be portrayed.  Knowing my fondness for reading, my colleague told me I could bring some books, then finally I said… YES.

We went to a photo studio and I think that made me even more nervous.  At first I was completely blocked, mental and physically.  But my friend was able to save the situation,  talking to me and making me laugh.Autor: Miguel Ángel Riazuelo


He:  Ana, please put the book on your head.

Me: What????

(click, click, click, click)

He: After this, can only get better…



And so it was, with that point of madness came sanity. Seeing the image on the screen of his camera, a few laughs that released the corset from fears, from insecurities; first unleashing the loop so that little by little the tension was loosened, letting the air in to breathe freely and from there to enjoy the moment…

He took many photos, which you can see in this link “Fotógrafo x Fotógrafo I“, but my favorite was this…

The photographer:  Miguel Ángel Riazuelo

9 thoughts on “My other self

    1. Right or wrong? who knows… 😉
      Sometimes you have to cross over, haven’t you?
      For me it was a great experience, photographic and personal

      Thanks again, Robert 🙂


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