My unusual photographies

I don’t like to photograph people, I don’t feel comfortable doing it.   I feel like I shouldn’t, it’s like I’m stealing something that doesn’t belong to me, locking it in my camera.  Sometimes I have photographed someone on the street and then I have not been able to share that photo with anyone, even I usually delete them.

I always say that my conscience does not allow me to portray unknown people. And, the worst of all,  I agree with it!!!  Surely all this, comes because I don’t like to be around people much, I’m not too sociable, although I cover it up very well 😉

I don’t like being photographed either…  what you don’t want for yourself, not for others!!!  😉

Today  I’m going to make an effort and show you my less usual photos, the ones I don’t usually do, the different ones.Exposición Ignacio FortúnRincones de Sabiñánigo

La plaza de los carros

If I have to photograph people on the street, I always try  to take them in the shadows, on their backs, away…

Sometimes, it’s easier with friends…


Having coffee with my good friend Anabel

My friend Anabel is a story writer and we both love to read and be surrounded by writers…

Manuel Cortés Blanco

Both of us with Manuel Cortés.


Anabel with the writer Luis Borrás. In his book “Fotomatón” I had the honor to participate with a photography.

Una historia en tres imágenes: Un libro - Creación

María José Pellejero. Posing for a photo of my series “Once upon a time a book”.

And of course, my friends photographers…
FeZ pelotónFeZ-intercambio
¡Un gran día! gracias a todos
And finally, a pseudo-self portrait “My Other Self”
Mi otro yo

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9 thoughts on “My unusual photographies

  1. Love your self-portrait Ana, very clever! I do enjoy photographing people when I travel to add local personality but other than that I will usually stay away from it as well. The world has gone a bit crazy with selfies! That’s one thing you won’t EVER catch me doing!!

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