Bringing Softness

This week it’s Bren’s turn as a guest to challenge us for Lens-Artists. I loved her idea of bringing softness, I often like to make or create images with a dreamy halo.

If you follow my blog from time to time, surely you have noticed that I really like going out to photograph on foggy days. It is a very fast method of creating images with that soft and dreamy touch.
In this case, I have selected a discarded image, I did not like the part of the bridge, it had too much detail and took away from the rest.
So I have edited it with Camera Raw, selecting only the bridge, to lower the clarity and focus.

Of course, if we seek to create that softness with the camera, the Lens-Baby lenses are ideal. I have a Composer Pro II with Sweet 35. Using it is a lot of fun, and at the same time frustrating on many occasions.

Following Bren’s advice, I hope I have achieved that softness touch in this corner of the woods.

Here you can see the original, before going through Camera Raw.

What a fun time! That snowy day that I played making movements with the camera during the shooting…

And if we place the camera on a tripod and let what moves be the object to be photographed…

I love doing macros. I was about to discard this one, the sharpness is non-existent… but, even so, it has something that I liked.

Posted as part of Lens-Artists:  Bringing Softness


17 thoughts on “Bringing Softness

  1. A stunning collection Ana. I love that you showed us the before and after of the woods photo.

    The bridge was interesting and your explanation helped decide what we were seeing. At first I didn’t realize if was a bridge as I was concentrating on the distance. Fog always bings softness doesn’t it. And I am glad you didn’t discard the final photo. There is something about it that is fun. Soft, yes, but cheerful too.

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  2. Beautiful entry, Ana. I too love the last one – and the first one – the nontossedawayones! But my favourite is the mist under the bridge – a dreamy and soft day with wonderful light.

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