Changes, everything Changes

I have already commented more than once that I HATE CHANGES. So this week’s challenge from John was hard for me to take. But then my Spotify has come to my rescue, a wonderful song by Mercedes Sosa “Everything changes” has started playing. In the lyrics of her song I have found the inspiration for this post

In my youth, the 70’s in Spain were times of confusion and, fortunately, changes, I really liked these. The final years of the dictatorship, the music that came to us from Latin America, came with an air of freedom and rebellion. Mercedes Sosa was an Argentine singer who assumed the commitment of the most vulnerable and defenseless and managed to become the collective cry for freedom, justice, truth and dignity.

Change the superficial
It also changes the depth
change the mindset.
Change everything in this world.
The weather changes over the years
The shepherd changes his flock
And just as everything changes
That I change is not strange

The little bird changes the nest
Change the feeling of a lover
The walker changes course
Although this hurts
And just as everything changes
That I change is not strange

Change the sun in its career
when the night remains
Change the plant and get dressed
Green in the spring
The beast changes its fur
Change the old man’s hair
And just as everything changes
That I change is not strange

What changed yesterday
will have to change tomorrow
Just as I change.

Changes, everything changes

And I still don’t like changes… 😉

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20 thoughts on “Changes, everything Changes

  1. Ana, this is an amazing post both in words and images. Change can be superficial or deep and we are in a constant cycle of change. I think the more we resist, the more it can hurt. Take care!

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    1. Very true Anne. That’s probably why I don’t like changes, because of my resistance to them. Take good care of yourself too. Thanks 😘

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    1. Thank you very much, Tina. I wanted to end with optimism and I always see a smiling face in such a colorful image. I would like to know if you see something in it or just a mixture of colors.


    1. Thanks a lot. Indeed, in Spain there were years of change, hard times also for the people who were in the fight for freedom and in the end a lot of hope with the return of democracy.

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  2. What a fabulous post, Ana. I love how you combine your beautiful images with the lyrics. It’s inspirational. The bird in flight and the swirl of colors are my favorites this time! Have a wonderful weekend.

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