Shapes and Designs

This week Patti invites us to search for Shapes and Designs. As I am not at home, I will have to use my files on Flickr, to see what I can find there.

In this building we can find straight shapes and design. It was created with strict energy saving criteria both by the selection of materials and by the use of renewable energies, being able to develop its own microclimate.

It was the Spanish Pavilion in the Expo 2008 held in my city and it is another of the buildings which has been left empty and unused. Much design, but little use. A shame!

Misión puentes de Zaragoza
Not everything was negative at Expo 2008, new constructions also appeared that have turned out to be very useful, such as this impressive bridge with a modern shape and design.

Señal azul

This floor full of shapes and designs caught my attention while I was walking.

Balneario de Panticosa
In this beautiful corner of the Pyrenees, I can’t quite see this mixture of old and modern design.
Redes naturales
Nature always surprises us with its shapes and designs.

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19 thoughts on “Shapes and Designs

  1. I find bridges to be such a unique form of art, don’t you? They all have a personality with the shapes and lines, and curves. And yes..the connection to nature is always a lesson in design. Nice collection. Donna

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    1. Thank you, Anne. The pavilion has glass walls behind the ceramic columns, it is very beautiful. A pity that they do not use it at all, it is only for decoration.

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  2. Wonderful choices for the week Ana – glad to see at least some of the expo creations have been put to use. I must admit your closing image confirms my thought that Mother Nature, as always, does it best!

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    1. It is not the only construction that is used, although the most emblematic and expensive buildings have remained as ornaments, a shame.
      True, Mother Nature always teaches us a lesson.
      Thank you, Tina 😘


  3. Hi, Ana. What wonderful examples for the theme this week. What plant is in your last photo? It looks so unusual. I agree with you about the Expo buildings going to waste if they’re not repurposed so everyone can still enjoy them later. I always thought it was a shame that so many buildings are torn down afterwards or simply abandoned. What a waste of money and creativity!

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