A photo Walk through Forest

This week Amy has invited us to share photographs of a photo walk. This has made me a little sad, I did not remember when it had been my last photographic outing, again I had to review the file and I saw that it was in February, taking a walk along the banks of my city, capturing some fog photographs.

We’ll leave the visit to the hermitage for another moment.

I still don’t feel much like going out to take pictures, but next weekend we’re going back to the Pyrenees and I’ll do my best to get out a bit more.

I would very much like to visit a place where I feel very comfortable, it is a delight to walk there. We call it the Forest of Saint Helena because it is very close to the hermitage of that name.

To access it you have to pass by a bridge over the river Gállego, I don’t usually take many photos from here, it gives me a little vertigo.

You can do several routes there, the most visited are to go up to the hermitage or down to the forest.

No matter the time of year, they are always very nice to do, although my favorite is autumn.

I’ll show you some photographs of my previous visits to this place.

You can enter with the car almost to the same forest, but we prefer to leave it out of this area, you only have to walk a few more meters and we do not invade the nature. Not everyone thinks so, though.

Near the forest we can find a dolmen, a funerary construction with thousands of years of history. This was discovered in 1933 and according to data its origin can go back to the year 3000 a.c.  I think, lately, they’ve found traces of another dolmen near this one.

Some of my photographic treasures captured in this place.

The forest of Saint Helena is one of those places that never disappoint you.

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21 thoughts on “A photo Walk through Forest

  1. It looks like a very beautiful, natural place Ana – hope nice to have access to something like this nearby! Your images as always are lovely. I particularly liked the beautiful waterfall scene and the mushrooms in your final 2 shots.

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  2. What beautiful shots of the forest, Ana. I especially love your image of the mushrooms and the running stream and the mountain view with the fog. I hope you have plenty of opportunities to walk and hike this weekend. It will make you happy, I’m sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Patti 🙂
      I hope so too, although I’m afraid there will be too many people up the mountain, in a while we’ll be over there, see if we can do some hiking.

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      1. We’re having the same problem here. Some of the trails are crowded. Everyone has the same idea of escaping to the country. I’m hoping you can find some open trails and you can enjoy nature.

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  3. I so enjoy this photo walk. All are beautifully captured, Ana. The mountain scene is incredible. The dolmen is fascinating. I love the images of the mushrooms and the waterfalls.
    Thank you for taking us there. I apologize for being later to respond.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry, Amy, I’m usually late in answering too, so I leave it for the weekend when I have more time. Thank you very much 🙂


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