Autumn, I think, is my favorite time. The oppressive summer is over and it’s like the beginning of a new stage.  I have read that its name comes from the Latin «autumnus», word that can mean the rise of life, its fullness.

In autumn, nature seems to detach itself from what is not essential. Following in its footsteps, we too can let go of what is no longer useful to us.

The metamorphosis of the world changes us as well.

Agua, hoja y a jugar

In Chinese philosophy, autumn is a yin season, tending to the receptive, to intuition and to internalization.

Búbal otoñal / Autumnal Bubal

According to the Buddha, “our existence is as transient as the autumn clouds”.

El puente del diablo

It is autumn time, creation enters a dream and spends hours and hours in the shade, in the gloom, huddled in the secret embrace of Mother Earth.

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19 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Absolutely fabulous post, Ana, both in images and in words. I love that you talk about the root of the word “autumn” and what it means philosophically, too. Wonderful!

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  2. Autumn has become my favourite as well. Less pressure than summer which can be so short, there is the fear of missing it. Autumn has nice temperatures and beautiful colours and the harvest and harvest festivals and an overall sense of peace and wonder. The Canadian Thanksgiving is right in the middle of it and this is my favourite holiday.

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  3. As always your images and thoughts weave together too tell a beautiful story Ana. As for me, although autumn is one of our most beautiful times here, it makes me a bit sad as I know winter is just around the corner. I prefer spring, equally beautiful but followed by the warmth of the sun.

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