This week the Lens-Artists challenge is hosted by Sue (Mac’s girl). She invites us to talk about hobbies, especially in these days when we spend so much time at home.

La Srta. Amapola, en el dormitorio con el candelabro

I like board games and I usually play some with the family. These days it has not been possible, but some days we have all connected to participate in some game online. It’s been so much fun. Although I must admit that the elders were a bit lost, I prefer the more traditional games.

Exposición Ignacio Fortún

I miss some of my favorite hobbies, like visiting exhibitions. It is true that, from this week, I could already go, with security restrictions, of course. But it’ll take me a while to get out of the house like before, so far I don’t feel like it.


Reading is my favorite pastime, in fact, I think it’s more than just a hobby, it’s a necessity. Like my plasticine dolls, with them I feel accompanied, adventurous, dreamy…

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15 thoughts on “Pastimes

  1. Excellent choices for the challenge, Anvica! I can certainly relate to the board games. When our girls were growing up, we would spend many evenings at my in-laws, gathered around the kitchen table playing Uno, Pit, Boggle and Trivial Pursuit. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge.

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  2. Terrific post Ana, I simply love your closing image, it’s marvelous! I too love games and we often play when my family gathers which sadly is on hold at the moment. Perhaps we’ll all appreciate the little things a bit more when this is over.

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  3. Excellent pastimes all! My children love board games and we often play when they are here. Love your illustrations to your choices – the museum is wonderful and I adore your books and dolls.

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