I’m angry!!!   My friend Anabel always says that when we get upset, it’s because something made us sad.

I can’t think of distant times, past or future, just present.  The past saddens me, how many mistakes. The future… Today I see it very far away and quite black.  I’m sorry, I didn’t wake up very optimistic today.


My eldest son asked me yesterday, if we shouldn’t buy some canned food, just in case… I assured him there would be no problem… but I was worried about his concern…  I’ll have to put my thoughts away and find the positive.

I am on vacation!

Yes, the Spanish government has sent all workers, except the essential ones, home. Paid vacation but to be recovered. Recovered? Damn it! Goodbye traveling this year.  You see, I can’t even find positive thoughts on vacation.

Despite my words, I agree. We have to stop this!

But let’s get back to this week’s challenge, which I’m distancing myself from.

Esperó tanto tiempo

“I feel so isolated that I can feel the distance between me and my presence.”

Fernando Pessoa


“Sometimes you need to go very far, out of the way, in order to return to the right distance.”

Edward Albee

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”

Charles Chaplin

Robé el sol y dejé el mundo a oscuras

Let’s put some light and positive thoughts for today:

Family and friends are all fine.

We’re fine!

We’ll be fine!

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Distance

13 thoughts on “Distance

  1. As always, a thoughtful and beautiful post Ana. Your images express your words perfectly. I love that opening shot of the statue showing how unhappily you began the post and the capture of the sunburst showing that we can turn things around. These are such difficult times – hang in there, it will take time for sure but we will eventually find the bright spots again

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  2. You have shown, in pictures and words, just the ups and downs raging in us every day now. I am so happy we have each other in this mess – we will come out of it, I know!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wise and positive? I don’t know… but thank you very much, Amy, you are very kind.
      Our exchange of messages helps a lot right now. 🙂


  3. Hang in there, Ana! I’ve had some tough days myself. I think we all will before this is through. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for you. Your images are beautiful. I especially like the dunes shot. I like the Charlie Chaplin quote, too.

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    1. We all have to hold out, and it’s easier knowing we’re in this together.
      Thank you very much and cheer up, everything will be (I don’t dare to say soon) all right.


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