Urban Sculptures

The last Saturday of January I participated in another photography workshop. This time it was focused on the urban sculptures that we can find on the streets.

As in the previous workshop, we were accompanied by a photography teacher and a tourist guide from the city. The first gave us some clues on how to photograph the sculptures and the other explained everything related to them.

It often happens to us that we do not see what is closest to us, when we walk through our cities, sometimes in a hurry, we are not aware of what surrounds us. That is one of the reasons why I am really liking these workshops, which are held on some Saturday mornings.

This boy who here seems to be looking at the ball of the world, is actually located right in front of a leaning tower that existed in my city. The boy’s gaze would take us to the tower that measured just over 80 meters.

The tower was demolished in 1892, after a strong controversy, some said that its state was dangerous, others that the tower was fine.

It seems that the reality was that it was too close to the houses and businesses in the area and it was hindering their view.

We will never know if Zaragoza could have been as famous as Pisa (Italy). 😉

In the photo below, which I took a while ago, you can see a circle on the ground where the tower was and in the puddle a reflection of a mural that represents it.


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