This week Donna kicks off with her first official challenge for Lensartists and it’s full of messages.

For my participation I will focus on the textual messages that I have found out there.

We will start with a traditional message…

Merry Christmas!!!

So as not to forget where I was last summer…

Bilbo, Bilbao.

Sometimes I see letters with my name… ANA

Messages are important for safety…

CAUTION!!! pedestrians walking

It should say, also photographing 😉

When we don’t want the enemy to find out about the message…


Messages that I will keep as a treasure…

The ones that friends and strangers left me for my first photographic exhibition.

Messages that are read with the hands.

We will end with a universal message… ❤

We should love a little more, to ourselves, to those around us, to friend and foe, to the planet that hosts us…

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22 thoughts on “Messages

  1. I love the way this flowed and I love the different way you took the prompt. I have always said I would love to make a Children’s Alphabet book using natural items for letters. I think I will pass that to you. Great captures. I love that you remembered that Braille sends profound message not only to those who read it, but also the message of progression. And you final message, perfectly said and perfectly placed. Thank you….Donna

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