Favorite Images of 2022

It is not an easy task that John proposes to us to start with the challenges of “Lensartists”.

Selecting my favorite photos from last year shouldn’t be so difficult for me considering that I didn’t take many either, although for that reason, it could be more difficult.

I would like to make a selection thinking only of composition, technique… but I’m afraid that photography for me is emotion, so I suppose that in the end it will be my heart that chooses.

Speaking of emotions, one of the first photos I took of my oldest son with Blue.

It’s been almost a year and they’re still just as “in love”.

Now, with her almost thirty kilos, it’s a bit more complicated, but still, she always manages to find a way. Blue’s favorite place is to be with him.

(Taken with my mobile, edited with Photoshop)

At the wedding of some friends, a magical moment.

(Taken with the Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo, b/w filter, edited with Photoshop)

There are several favorites from the trip to Bilbao, but I continue to leave control to my heart…

(Camera Fujifilm X-T1, edited with Camera Raw)

A nice memory of the photography workshop I did in November, which made me remember how much I like to take photos.

(Taken with Fujifilm X-T1, edited with Camera Raw)

From the first days of fog of this winter, a bridge, some trunks and waiting for the birds to show up.

(Camera Fujifilm X-T1, edited with Camera Raw)

Today my heart has chosen black and white, who knows why… but all of them, full of emotion.

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22 thoughts on “Favorite Images of 2022

  1. I must agree with you Ana, that emotion is what drives us, gives our images impact, and offers the most telling stories. I loved your approach and your choices for this one. My favorite is the woman perfectly reflecting the statue behind her – a great example of your photographic eye and instinct.

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  2. Wonderful black and whites Ana! My favorite is of your son and Blue. It’s pure love. And I agree that your image of the woman on her phone with the statue sitting behind her is an example of compositional excellence. It’s good to have you and your camera back taking pictures.

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  3. I think with emotion too. You always do a great job of capturing that. I remember that photo of the woman sitting beneath the sculpture. It was a favorite than, and now. I also love the last photo and the feeling it evokes from the fog. Very nice, Ana.

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