I didn’t have to look at the photo to know that I had made a mistake, it was going to be out of focus. I only had one chance, more people came from behind and from the front. I rushed and moved the camera too fast.

However, for some reason, when reviewing the photos I did not move it to the trash, it has been there for days, while I developed the rest of the images.

I have had a few days of vacation, which have allowed me to dedicate a little more time to the photographs, which has led me to give it one more opportunity. I kept liking the idea of the image…

This image is as I took it, I have developed it in black and white because that is how I saw it.

Why not play with it for a while in Photoshop?

Making blur more evident.

Filter Gaussian blur.

Frosted glass filter.

This last one is the one I like the most… maybe I should take a piece of glass in my backpack when I go out to take pictures… 🤔


5 thoughts on “Blur

  1. I like the first one best, because it contains the ‘natural move’ you made. That is wiped out in the second one. And in the last one ‘Effect’ has taken over the real photo.. I like it in B&W.

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    1. Thanks, Harrie, I know you prefer not to manipulate the photos. I don’t usually do it either, although a few years ago I found it a lot of fun. 😉
      When I look at the first photo, I still see the rush to take it, I didn’t have time to decide how I wanted it, I could only compose. Still there is something about it that attracts me…


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