Home Sweet Home

Tina this week invites us to show places in our own country. I still have a lot to know about my country Spain, especially in the south. Even so, I will show you some Spanish corners, I will start with my city, Zaragoza.

Just yesterday I participated in an urban photography workshop. It was organized by a photography school, along with some tour guides from my city. I really enjoyed it, I’ll talk about it at another time, but it’s very convenient for me to show you a photograph of Zaragoza, the Roman theater.

The current city was built on the remains of Caesaragusta, so in my city we will never be able to have a subway, nor many underground parking lots, in fact, those that exist were built at a time when the stones that came out when excavating were not controlled much . About the theater, the guide explained that the capacity was about six thousand people, that it was built in the first half of the 1st century, stone and alabaster were some of the materials used in its construction, most of them were reused in other constructions in the following centuries.
To the north of my city, my beloved Pyrenees mountains, where we can find villages that still preserve their stone and slate buildings.
And the mountains, of course.

We can also find modernity, not just old stones. A good example is the Niemeyer Center in Avilés (Asturias).

In the center of Spain, we cannot miss visiting our jewel city, Toledo.

Large cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao…

The peninsular coast and the islands are a gift of beaches and beautiful towns.

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16 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Beautiful, Ana. I love that old theater. Do they still use it for anything? And the new architecture in Bilbao of the Guggenheim Vista hotel is amazing.


  2. You captured the essence of Spain. The cities, the coastal towns AND the mountains, the history, the churches. All of it. My favorite photo was of the boat in the foreground, near the whitewashed homes.

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  3. I love Spain. We traveled for some weeks in 2016 and I just loved everything bout it. Bilbao…I have also been twice with my students to Madrid, Toledo and Segovia. Your photography is excellent and I am beginning to long for it again…another trip. I know you love the Pyrenees and you had a house there? I hiked a couple of National parks in those mountains and it was just amazing. A haven for plants, butterflies and – Me. You live in a wonderfully beautiful contry, well showcased!


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