8 Million Flowers

Yesterday I went shopping in the center and passing through the main square of the city, I thought that maybe my friends from the blog would like to know one of the most important traditions that we have around here. Since I wasn’t planning to take photos, I used my mobile, which can sometimes be very useful.

The Offering of Flowers is the most important and popular act of our “Fiestas”, which takes place on October 12, the day of the Virgen del Pilar and Hispanidad. From early in the morning (7 a.m.), people or groups with their offerings leave from the places previously set up, various streets adjacent to the main route, to reach the Plaza del Pilar and deposit their offerings.

Once the Plaza del Pilar is reached, people approach the image of the Virgin, which is located during these days in a pyramidal metallic structure and they deposit the flowers so that they can be placed creating a colorful cloak.

It was held for the first time in 1958 and since then it has only stopped being organized in 2020, we all know why.

Anyone who wishes can participate, the only requirement is that they wear a traditional costume. Most wear the Aragonese costume, but people from many places participate, with their traditional costumes. It is usual for many groups from Latin American countries to come and this year Ukraine was also present, you can see in the photos their offering of flowers with the colors of their flag (blue and yellow).

This year has been a few days with total normality, so people really wanted to go out. In addition to this act, they are very participative parties, with many acts in the streets, which are free and can be attended by many people.

This year there were more than 140.000 people participating in the offering and it is estimated that more than 350.000 passed through the Plaza del Pilar at some point of the day. The act lasted almost 15 hours. The multicolored mantle is made up of more than 8 million flowers.

This metallic structure with the flowers is usually maintained for several more days after the festivities are over, depending on the weather it can last up to almost 15 days. And as you can see in my photographs, many people come to see it.

I have only participated in the offering once, when I was a girl. In my teenage years, I preferred night activities, which began in the middle of the afternoon and lasted until the breakfast of chocolate with churros. Now I prefer to run away from the city when the these days come, that’s what getting older is all about, I suppose! 😉

9 thoughts on “8 Million Flowers

    1. We can have chocolate with churros at any time, so it doesn’t seem necessary that we have to spend the night without sleeping… 😉
      This year activities have returned to normal, although the mask is still mandatory in some cases, such as public transport or go to health centers.
      Thanks, Tina 😘


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