Bizkaia Bridge

This week’s challenge from Patti is a very interesting photographic exercise. I really want to participate, so I have taken advantage of a publication that I had half prepared and I have adapted it for the challenge.

First, a little history. This civil engineering construction was inaugurated on July 28, 1893, being the first bridge of its type in the world and therefore served as a model for numerous bridges built in Europe, Africa and America.

The Bizkaia Bridge is currently considered the oldest transporter bridge in service in the world and one of the eight that are still preserved.

The French civil engineer Ferdinand Arnodin intervened both in the design process of the bridge and in its construction.

The bridge is 61 meters high and 160 meters long. It is a suspension bridge with a ferry boat for the transport of vehicles and passengers, which joins the two banks of the Bilbao estuary in Vizcaya (Spain).

It is a very interesting visit that was recommended to us at the hotel where we stayed in Bilbao. It is about 12 km away and you can also go using the metro. The surroundings are very beautiful, we stayed on the shore of Getxo and walked along the promenade to the old port.

In this image you can see old pulleys that belonged to the bridge.

It was declared a World Heritage site on 13th July 2006. UNESCO granted this recognition when considering that it was “an exceptional expression of creativity, perfectly blending its functionality and aesthetic beauty”.

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10 thoughts on “Bizkaia Bridge

    1. It is in perfect use. The gondola did not stop going from one side to the other, transporting people, bicycles and even some vehicles. There were many tourists, but people in the area use it a lot to save time.

      Sorry for the delay in answering, lately I’m not very aware of the blog.


  1. Well Ana, the best compliment I can offer is that I found your post so interesting I did further web searching to find more information. I found this amazing! I’d never heard of the bridge, nor had I every heard of this type of technology anywhere else in the world. It’s quite amazing and incredible that after all these years it is still in use! Your images are terrific and I love the old pulleys having been saved and displayed. Terrific post and images.

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    1. For me it was also a surprising discovery, it is three hours from home and I had no idea it existed.
      Thank you very much for always being there with your comments, I’m sorry I took so long to reply, but I still haven’t reconnected with the blog.


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