Odds and Ends

The theme proposed by Tina this week has given me two challenges, photography and language. That’s twice the fun!

Before searching through my photographic archives, I had to do a search for the translators, it was also useful to see what was being published in Lens-artists.

Let’s see if I got it right!

In my first tests with drops, things didn’t go too well and most went to the trash, but I still have some oddities, like this one I called “The Lady of the Juice”. A bad image, with bad focus, but still I couldn’t get rid of it.
Exposición George Méliès
Méliès’ films were rare and unique.
The great imagination he had creating monsters is undeniable. A predecessor of Alien.
Nuez ¡maldición!
Continuing with movies and books, in the Baztán trilogy the nuts symbolize the power of the witches, they contain a curse.
Corazón oprimido
In art we can always find works that may seem strange to us. But if we think about it a little, how many hearts can feel like this?

Champiñon XXL - Mushroom XXL
If I hadn’t taken this photo, I would now think that it was my imagination that created this spectacular mushroom, which, by the way, was delicious. I haven’t seen anything like it again.

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25 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

    1. Thank you very much! For drops you will need a good background, good lighting, time and a lot of patience, not forgetting some liquid… I hope to see those photos soon.

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  1. Well Ana, you have definitely risen to the occasion and met the challenge perfectly! That alien monster is fabulous but of course there are no other challenges that might find it a good fit! And you are much too hard on yourself re the drop test – I LOVE that image! So glad to have given you an opportunity to share these images, and thanks for persevering!

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  2. Great odds and ends Ana! I loved your still lifes, especially the walnut and mushroom. We, whose home language is English, are not aware of the challenge of translating from another language into English. I’m so glad you make the effort because your posts are outstanding.

    Liked by 1 person

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