Water is essential for life. It is of vital importance for the human being, as well as for the rest of the animals and living beings that accompany us on planet Earth. It is curious that 70 percent of the Earth is water and that 70 percent of our body is also water.

That may be why it is so attractive when taking pictures, at least for me it is. I think Anne has chosen a good vital and photographic theme.

Amanece en Carboneras
From the immensity of the sea and the oceans, which made the first astronauts give the Earth the name of Blue Planet.
We build ships to navigate the water, thinking we rule it. Until tragedies like the one that happened this week in Canadian waters, where a Spanish ship has sunk, reminds us that nature has its own rules. Only three survivors and more than 10 dead or missing have been the result.
Londres no te olvido / London I don't forget you
Passing through the great rivers that have given life to our cities.
Los niños con bañador, por favor
Also, sometimes creating problems.
That wonderful water, sometimes also devastating, that comes to us from the sky.
With water we enjoy in beautiful pools on hot days.
Lágrimas otoñales / Autumnal tears
Even a small drop of water can give us hours of photographic fun, until we get that shot we are looking for.

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29 thoughts on “Water

    1. Thank you very much, Amy. I guess I was lucky, it was raining a lot, I was under cover and I was able to repeat several takes.


  1. Great response to the water challenge Ana! Loved the rain and water drop about to land on a leaf. You must have taken many images to get that one. And, I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge.

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    1. Thank you, Anne, you have chosen a very interesting topic. I spent many hours taking photos of drops, I haven’t done it for a long time, maybe I should try again.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I have also done it sometimes. In this case it was a work at home. I collected leaves from the garden, placed the background, prepared everything for the drops and had a good time doing different shots, it was a very fun process.

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  2. Lovely gallery, Ana. I love that sunset and the single drop of water. How did you manage to capture that water droplet?? It’s a great image. What a tragedy about the Spanish ship.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Patti. The sessions to capture drops are like good cooking, you have to do them collecting the elements well and cook them for many hours. Yes, it is very sad to see the families of the fishermen in the news

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