Memorable Events

Memorable events fortunately there are quite a few that I can remember, all of them include my family and friends. Birthdays, parties, trips, moments… all of them unforgettable.

To participate in the challenge that Ann-Christine has launched this week, I have thought of a very personal photographic event, which I will not forget.

Although I have participated in several collective photographic exhibitions, it would never have occurred to me to think of doing one alone. Until my friends from the cultural association of the Ateneo Jaqués encouraged me to do so. I was easily convinced when they told me that the exhibition would be about books and that, in addition, literary gatherings would be organized while the exhibition lasted. So the exhibition could not be called anything else than… Once upon a time…

I won’t deny that I had a lot of nerves, a lot… The day of the opening I was tempted not to attend, it was that bad 😣. My memories of that moment are a bit hazy, I was too nervous. Although some of the attendees told me, it was not noticeable and in my presentation I kept calm and without having to read anything, I told them about my photos and especially about the books that had inspired me. At that time I told them not to make a mistake, that they were not going to see an exhibition of photos, but of books.

My friends from the photography group gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They are great!!!

The literary gatherings were very interesting and we had a great time.

I keep the signature book with great affection. In those pages I found many beautiful words from family, friends and also unknown people who came to see my exhibition.

It was a strange experience, it has nothing to do with posting our photos on the internet. Seeing them in their frames, hanging on a wall and being able to share that moment with the people who visited it, was something I will not forget.

This happened in 2014, it’s been a long time and I think I still feel the nerves. 🤣

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17 thoughts on “Memorable Events

  1. Congratulations Ana! I think it’s an honor to exhibit and talk about your images and what motivated you to take them. The plus in this is how the books motivated your artistic qualities. Truly a wonderful memory.

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  2. What a lovely story! Great to have a solo exhibition. Your photos are always wonderful. That last para about seeing your photos in print and framed struck me as an experience that must be quite unforgettable.

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  3. Congratulations, Ana! I admire you for your photography, and also for your brave taking on this event! Oh, my nerves would never have let me…Well done – and how great to be able to see words and signatures of appreciation in that book! You have fantastic friends as well – surely because you are a warm and fantastic person yourself. Thank you for sharing this event with us!

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    1. Thank you very much, Ann-Christine, you are very kind. I’m still wondering how I was able to get in front of so many people and talk about my photos without my voice shaking.

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  4. the was a wonderful memorable event and glad you got some good photos to give us a feel for the audience and set up too.
    also, glad you have the memory book as a nice memento 🙂

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