Home Safari (Part II)

The safari through home territory lasted for a long time, getting other captures…

I think it is a small giraffe, although it is certainly a bit strange to see it attached to the metal board.

Paper turtle, my little boy loved to practice origami.

And I keep it as a treasure.

A pink bear, from the time when mobiles were small enough to fit between its legs.

A red bat?

Guarding Harry Potter books?

Strange right?

Muggle stuff.

This balloon dog is not the first time that appears in my photos, it is very photogenic.

A few days ago while cleaning the dust, I threatened to throw this pair of owls, until one of my sons reminded me that he had done the one on the right… 🙄

Another treasure to keep! 🥰

With this cute and colourful kitten the home safari ends.

I hope I didn’t bore you too much.

At least it has helped me to pick up the camera a little more.


4 thoughts on “Home Safari (Part II)

    1. Thank you very much, Anne. I’ve already captured all the interesting animals at home, so I think the safaris are over. Although I admit that I liked the experience. In the past I took a lot of photos at home, it was where I got more creative.

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