Double Dipping

I really like Tina’s idea for this week’s challenge. I’m sorry I don’t have more time to visit and comment on many blogs that I find interesting, most of the time all I can do is mark with a “I Like”. Sure I would also enjoy participating in many of the challenges that are released in WordPress, but for now, I’m afraid I can’t.

I will give a quick review of some of the challenges and will make a small selection.

Flower of the Day Challenge

Knowing my love of photographing flowers, Cee’s challenge would be one of my favorites.

If when I retire, blogs and cameras still exist 😉, I promise to participate.

Cellpic Sunday

I also like John’s challenge, although most of the photos I take with my mobile are to share with my children.

As in this case, where did I let them know that I had already put on my new cool socks that the Three Wise Men had brought me, who are very smart and know very well my hobbies.

Last on the Card

Following Brian’s instructions I will show you my last photo from last year, it was taken during my Christmas break.

It was a beautiful foggy and cold morning and I couldn’t resist taking out the camera. This photo didn’t seem very interesting to me, but I didn’t delete it either, so here it is.

One Word Sunday

The word chosen by Debbie for this Sunday’s challenge has been Weather.

Snow and a mountain surrounded by clouds I think is a good example of winter weather.

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18 thoughts on “Double Dipping

  1. I love all of your Photos Ana. I think that your Last Photo is fabulous. It has so much going on….wonderful. Thanks for joining in my challenge 🙂 🙂

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  2. Well done Ana!! I too loved your “last photo” and I think Brian’s idea is wonderful. It emphasizes that it’s not always a planned, perfect image but often is interesting and worthy of attention! And I LOVED your very cool socks!!! I wasn’t familiar with one word Sunday so thanks for the nod to that one!

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  3. Thanks for including me in your challenge-response, Ana! Those socks look nice and warm! I really like your response to Cee’s challenge, and the weather challenge-response is a fabulous weather image!

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