Happy New Year 2022

Yesterday when I was returning home after visiting an exhibition, I stopped by the Christmas market and could not resist taking out the camera that I had carried in my bag, just in case.

I hadn’t been out to take photos in so long that I forgot to check the camera settings.

Fortunately the Fuji X100 is a treasure and although the exposure was not very correct, I was able to fix it enough on Camera Raw.

I have lost the practice and the desire to take photos, I would like to think that next year I will regain the illusion for photography.

While I was taking some photos, the sphere turned off, people fell silent and a very happy Christmas music began to play, while a set of lights followed the same rhythm on the sphere. I was moved to see some people join in the music and start dancing.

May this be a good omen for the year that begins, in which we can regain normalcy, health, peace, harmony…. and photos.

My best wishes to all and take good care of you.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2022

    1. Thank you very much, Amy. Ufff, I do not know if they will be fabulous, I will settle for taking more photographs than in recent years.
      My best wishes for you and yours. 😘

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