Choice: Mistakes

This morning while having breakfast they were commented on the radio about the errors. How much they scare us, depress us and, at the same time, how necessary they are… they help us learn and strengthen us.

On Wednesday I took my hard drive to the repair service, you should have seen the face of the man when I gave him the disk and I explained that I would like to recover the information… Yes, that face that said… another idiot who has forgotten to make backup copies and think that here we do miracles.

This image expresses very well how I have felt this week, blaming myself and receiving criticism from others for not having backed up more often.

I have learned, yes.

Tomorrow a NAS (Network Attached Storage) arrives at my house.

Días duros - Hard days

Has it strengthened me? I don’t know, but I think this is going to push me to go out and take photos, because otherwise I don’t know how I’m going to feed the blog.

I have copies of most of the folders, but they are mostly originals. Possibly I have lost some 2019 and 2020 folders, and all the photos that I have been editing in these last three years, which is a lot.

When reviewing the folders that I have, I see that there are the “good” photos and all the ones that I was already discarding at the time, so speaking of mistakes, what if we talk about photographic errors?

A bad background can ruin an image.

The focus should be on the first tulip, but it has gone to the lower right leaf.

The exposure is not correct, although it could have been corrected later in development.

“The perfectionist personality fuels the difficulty to accept criticism and mistakes”

It is crooked.

Too much information.

What is it about this photo that catches our attention? Nothing.

“The severity of an error will depend on the cognitive assessment that we make in the face of that event or its result”


“Recognize our mistakes to grow”

Out of focus, again.

What was I trying to do with this image? What was I looking for? I have no idea.

Remember: think before taking a photo.

“The error, the mistake, the failure, the crisis, the chaos, allow us to improve ourselves, fulfill cycles and start new goals and projects”

We can choose if we punish ourselves or learn from our mistakes.

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Postscript: I still don’t know if the information from my hard drive can be recovered, at the moment it will cost me five euros to know if it is possible or not, to be continued…


29 thoughts on “Choice: Mistakes

  1. Ahh, sorry to hear about this problem. 😦 I hope at least something can be saved. I like your first photo, no error there. 🙂 As for me, I tend to take “too much information” photos, quite on purpose, it’s just my personality. 😀

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    1. Thanks Manja. In my case, I do not usually manage photos with too much information well, and in the example I do not think there is anything interesting and there are many errors. Each of us must take the photos that we like the most. 😘

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  2. Doesn’t that happen to all of us? What was I thinking? Why did I even think this would be interesting? Typical questions at every review of your old photos. I just wish there were more of, “Hmm. I don’t remember that. Quite interesting…”

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  3. I have found that when making mistakes while taking photos has made me a better photographer. I take most of photos at the same few places where I live, and I have learned more about lighting and angles from bad photos I have taken than from any book, podcast or YouTube video.

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  4. Oh my Ana – you are so hard on yourself! As others have said, we definitely learn from our mistakes. Every photographer I know cringes when looking back through their oldest photographs, even the very best among us! When we look back we often wonder how the heck we kept going LOL. Crooked horizons, out of focus, cluttered, we’ve all done it and learned from it. Lost data? Yep, that too! Fingers crossed most of yours can be recovered but if not just think, your mistakes are history and it’s all gorgeous from here on 😊. Keep us posted as the sage continues.

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  5. Hope your photos will be recovered, Ana. I, too, lost many precious phots, and it was a big mistake.
    I agree, we can always learn from our mistakes and do better.

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  6. Hope you get some good news from the repair people Ana. As far as the mistake photos go, I take solace in knowing they were all good shots when I pressed the shutter button 🙂

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  7. I’m thinking positive thoughts for you Ana. I hope you can recover your data. Regarding our mistakes, yes we do learn from them. We don’t begin being perfect at something. There is a learning process, and part of that process is making mistakes! Take care. I have my fingers crossed.

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  8. Yes we can learn from our errors (though not always, not from all errors)… but also sometimes an
    “error” is not such a big error, or anyway, an error by what criteria? I look at that blurry photo of two clothes pegs, and I like it a lot: I see the blur, and I shrug. I don’t know what you were trying to do in that photo, or even what I like about it. But for me there is something arresting about it, and it was a pleasure to see it. Sometimes you have to let yourself love an “error” — or at least be playful with it.

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    1. I agree Penny. In tastes it is difficult to qualify errors, you may like it or not and it does not have to be an error. When I see these images for me they are a mistake, because it was not what I wanted to do. In the case of my hard drive … there is no other way to see it, I made the mistake of not making copies more often, but I have learned and that is good.
      Thank you 😘

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  9. Hello, sorry for your lost data. I think it is possible to recover your data if you didnt save something on them. Dont save anything on the disk. I suggest you to find an online data recovery service. Good luck.

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  10. Ana, I can feel your pain. I had a similar experience happen to me a few years ago. Fortunately I had saved all my old memory cards and recovered my pictures from them. That was very time consuming but I learned my lesson. And, I am still learning my lesson as I take some bad composition pictures or blurred and crooked. Thank goodness there is good digital software available. Hope you are taking lots of photos now and beginning to rebuild your collection.

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    1. Thank you very much, Sylvia. I would very much like to start taking many photos like a while ago, but now I can’t find the desire. 😘


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