One Image/One Story

I love the theme that Ann-Christine brings us this week. In an image there may be one or many stories, sometimes it will be something clear where we will all see the same thing, in others it will be our own emotions that fill the story.

Sorry I don’t have much time to prepare today’s post, so I’ll go for the classics.

The Jungle Book. I think you already know Mowgli’s story. This image is an original lumen, unedited, I really like the tones it has.
Beauty and the Beast. Another story already known, which I have allowed myself to reinterpret
Caperucita y el Lobo
Red Riding Hood. We all know the story of her with the wolf, but in this image it seemed to me that those sideways glances with the man with the blond mustache… I don’t know, maybe we have another story there … Don’t you think?

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20 thoughts on “One Image/One Story

  1. Wow Ana, the beauty and the beast! We could create many stories from that one. I love little Red glancing sideways at the man. Maybe she’s not a “goody two shoes” after all. And the opening image is simply beautiful.

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