Street Art

Mirada fulminante / Withering stare

In my city since 2005 the “Asalto Festival” has been organized every year, with avant-garde, participatory and impressive artistic proposals developed on site by urban artists and artistic groups from the national and international scene.

Zapatillas / Trainers

At the end of this month it will be this year’s edition, which will be held in my neighborhood, I will try to stop by to take some photos. For this week’s Patti challenge, we’ll have to settle for archival images of urban art.

These images belong to various corners of my city, although I’m not sure if they are all part of the Asalto Festival.

¡Compra!  /  Buy!

Walking the streets of my city you can also find another type of street art.

Esperó tanto tiempo
Misión puentes de Zaragoza
La fuente de la princesa

Street art beautifies our cities, enriches them and, at times, leaves us speechless.

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14 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. LOL for your speechless comment on the closing image Ana! These are lovely. I must admit as a traditionalist I loved the “other” street art examples but I did enjoy the colorful examples as well. Especially liked the one with the water rushing beside it.

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    1. Thank you very much, Tina. I like graffiti when they are in the right place, which, unfortunately, is not always the case.


  2. Hi, Ana. I smiled at your “speechless” comment and the matching image! Your city has wonderful examples of traditional public art and contemporary street art. Lovely! The witch and the runners in your first shot really made me smile!

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  3. I sometimes play with the idea that the city is itself an art installation — all of it, ever-changing, all those people and shapes and objects and motions interacting, and changing yet again… — your post captures a lot of that feeling, because each mural or sculpture interacts with its surroundings (and with the viewer) —

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    1. The runners are real, the mural of the witch was in a riverside area where people walk or play sports, I just had to wait a bit and adjust the camera so that they appear blurry. 😘

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