Quiet Outing

Last weekend the Pyrenees were full of people. It was an spanish festivity so half of the Spaniards had gone to the mountains and the other half to the coast. So looking for an excursion that we could do without meeting many people, we found a very simple route that is not known.

It begins in a small town called Isun de Basa. We walk a bit through its streets, admiring some beautiful houses, its little medieval church, taking some photos and enjoying absolute tranquility.

We continued walking towards another small town, Osan.

Those of us from the city are impressed by field work 😆

Halfway there we find a small cemetery.

Arriving in Osan, its tower can be easily distinguished, a building that is not too old but that draws a lot of attention.

Osán is also a small town with a lot of charm and above all tranquility. During the whole excursion we only met three people and a dog.

It was a great idea to do this excursion.

A very relaxing and easy walk to do.

We still had another town in the vicinity for another day.


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