Going Wide

I am, again, in the Pyrenees, I do not have access to my photo files, I have brought the Fuji X100 and the Internet connection is not very good… It seemed all against to participate in this week’s challenge, but JohnRH has inspired me, I have a mobile with a wide angle lens and I could try to publish it from the same mobile… I don’t know how this will end.

I have edited the photos, slightly, with PS on the mobile, it is very possible that when I see them on the computer screen, I do not like them, but I am going to risk it.

Posted for Going Wide

21 thoughts on “Going Wide

    1. Thank you very much, Anne. The same thing happens to me, this time, I trusted the technology and I hoped that the mobile would do well, the adjustments were minimal.😘


  1. Excellent. You did it! Great colors. I like the paraglide in the center, and the photographer’s shadow. Well done! It isn’t easy, and I look forward to getting back to my laptop.

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    1. Well, I have not seen them very bad. I think I can trust the mobile, even if I can’t see it.
      Thank you, Ann-Christine 😘


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