Out of Frame

I assure you that I tried to keep the flower within the frame, but the wind that blew that day made it very difficult for me and I left it as impossible. I thought, I’ll delete them on the computer.

But when I looked at them, something interested me and I checked my photographic notes to see why this interest:

  • Large areas of negative space creates striking images.
  • To add tension to an image, place your subject near the edge of the frame.
  • The abrupt cutting of an object suggests spatial continuity beyond the edges of the frame.
  • Break the rules.

I would love to hear your opinion. Should I have thrown them in the trash? Do you find any of them interesting?

9 thoughts on “Out of Frame

    1. So you would have thrown them in the trash .. Surely you are right. Individually they don’t tell me anything, but all three of them seemed a bit more interesting to me.
      Thank you very much Sue😘

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  1. Good experiment Ana. I like the last one because it’s anchored in the corner with the stem sort of leading into the rest of the frame. Try cropping some off the right side and see how you like it.

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