Keep Walking

“Pick the camera, take it out of the backpack and go for a ride with it, you’ll see how your inspiration appears”

You will remember that words, the little voice in my mind, suggested to me when we talked about Inspiration.

This has been the path I have taken every morning during my vacation. Two weeks repeating the same path and always came back with a few photos.

Maybe she was right, to find inspiration you just have to keep walking… But without forgetting the camera or at least the mobile… 😉

When I took this photo, I didn’t really know why. Now I know, for Amy’s challenge this week.

In 2008 a Universal Exposition was held in my city and the city changed a lot, new bridges appeared, like this one. Everyone wanted to cross it, even if the sun was intense and you had to do it under an umbrella.
In the enclosure where the Exhibition was held, they placed structures to give some shade, in this, instead of walking, you could go jumping from shadow to shadow… 😉

Walking inside Notre Dame (Paris).

The photo does not have much quality, but, considering that it will take time to repeat it, I think they have some value.

In the Galleries Saint Hubert in Brussels, it is a pleasure to walk for sightseeing or shopping

Keep walking … even in the rain. Ordesa National Park in the Pyrenees is beautiful even when it rains
You can even take photos. Ordesa is always interesting, at any time.

Keep walking, even if the path is not easy, the reward may be worth it.

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16 thoughts on “Keep Walking

  1. Some wonderful walks and accompanying thoughts Ana – I loved the Brussels image looking down that long narrow path – beautiful composition on that one. Also loved the final images as we see the people walking down the narrow path which meanders to the sea. Lovely post

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  2. I love the shades of the Universal Exposition, Ana. What a cool idea! The last image of Ordesa is incredibly beautiful. It’s nicely framed, and the light, wow…

    Liked by 1 person

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