It’s All About the Light

What an interesting topic Tina has for us this week. It’s All About the Light!!! That’s right, for photography is fundamental, without light there are no images, but also for life is fundamental.

In this yellow inflorescence the light helped me to separate it from the background, which was left in darkness.
I still don’t quite know what led me to take this picture, I think it was just the light.

It is clear that in this image what caught my attention were those rays of sun passing through the holes of the leaf.

With this photograph I discovered that I need a good sensor cleaning. I have been a while cloning the spots in the sky. 😞

Measuring light well in exposure helps to get better photos.

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: It’s All About the Light

18 thoughts on “It’s All About the Light

  1. wonderful examples Ana – I know what you mean about the second image. Sometimes perfect light turns an otherwise boring subject into a favorite image. It was my favorite of your captures this week as well! Your flower slider is a great example of the power of lighting a scene correctly. It combines mother nature’s art with the photographer’s skill.

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    1. It is true, I had passed this abandoned tool many times and it had never caught my attention, until the other day, that the light made it special.
      Thank you very much, Tina


  2. “I still don’t quite know what led me to take this picture, I think it was just the light.! That is a significant phrase that I can recognise myself in. Only the light. That can be the single reason so many times…and that is just wonderful. Love your choices, and the favourite is the stars through the leaves.

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    1. Thank you, Ann-Christine. I had been there many times and I never found it interesting to photograph it, until the light highlighted it.


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