Feet and Shoes

A very funny challenge that Ann-Christine has thrown at us.

Camden Town style boots.
On our trip to London with several friends, the children wanted to play football in Hyde Park, so we had to buy a ball, which we had not included in the luggage. My children (yellow and black T-shirt) preferred to take off their shoes, so the socks went straight to the trash, impossible to clean.
Traditional costumes from my community. When I was a child, sometimes for the regional celebrations, I wore these suits and I didn’t like the shoes very much, my shoelaces were continually untied.

Snowshoeing from different periods.

My sport shoes for walks in the Pyrenees, as long as it is flat and paved. For the mountain I use boots.
My shadow and I will always be united by our feet. I have tried but I cannot separate myself from her.
As you can see, my shadow did not much trust my feet, she preferred to grasp the rope well.

When I put wheels on my feet. And helmet on the head… and knee pads… and elbow pads… and wrist pads… and good padding on the hips… 🙄

The Lovers of Teruel. She with bare feet, he covered them up… She had just married another man, she would be perfect. He was coming from the war, he wouldn’t have time to get a pedicure. 😉

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11 thoughts on “Feet and Shoes

  1. You really rose to this challenge, Ana! great variety and clever thoughts as usual. It’s always a joy to read your posts. your traditional shoe wear looks not that comfortable, but nice. I can understand about your shoelaces. Snow shoes – the first person to include them! Love it – but have never tried myself. The last image of the lovers – what great comments/thoughts of him and her. or was this written down to read about them?

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    1. Thank you very much, Ann-Christine, you are very kind.
      About the Lovers of Teruel, it’s a legend, I left a link to read it in English. During our guided tour, they commented on why the sculptor had left her feet uncovered, but I didn’t remember what they told us, so I made up my own explanation.😉


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