Small Pile

Has anyone in WordPress noticed any changes when uploading photos? Lately, some of the images I publish on the blog appear to me too saturated. I see them well on my computer and when I upload them, the colors appear excessively vibrant.

The image below would be a direct jpg from Camera Raw to Photoshop. In the photo above I have desatured the greens a little, so that in WordPress looks more like my original photo.

I would appreciate your comments.


10 thoughts on “Small Pile

  1. Those look the same to me. The same problem actually happened to me once and I think it has to do with the way the photo was edited and how it was saved. I re-saved the photo in Photoshop and the problem went away.

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  2. I have no technical knowledge relating to your experience but I wonder if it has something to do with how WordPress store files on their servers. Perhaps the image files are compressed in some and maybe that changes how images appear! I suspect it is something like that and only people with a keen eye like yourself notice such things. I will now have to keep an eye on my images to see if I experience similar.
    I’m not sure I’ve been much help 🙂
    Have a great weekend and keep safe
    Mr C

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  3. Ana, I haven’t noticed that problem, but I do have another. If you notice, my picture is gone from the “Like” and comment section. That’s because I’m on my laptop and WordPress doesn’t recognize my account. It recognizes my account from my desktop. I think WordPress has problems. Might be time to start hosting our own blogs.

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  4. Interesting question. On my (calibrated) monitor I did not notice it. But I’m more forgiving than you are. I think it could depend on hoe WP process and “optimize” the files.
    Do you notice it on all the colours? To my eye the photo above has slightly more natural colours, but the difference is minimal.

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    1. I notice it more in the greens, in the second photo they look like plastic. What surprises me is that I have begun to notice it recently, I believe that before it did not happen to me. I don’t know if it’s WP or if anything has changed in the Adobe programs I use to edit photos. I don’t have the monitor calibrated, but I still see it on the laptop.
      Thanks for your comment.

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