Along Back Country Roads

This week Beth of Wandering Dawgs encourages us to take country roads.

I really like to walk the roads, I don’t like to run, I don’t like to ride a bicycle, I don’t really like to drive. As Khalil Gibran said “Tortoises can tell you more about the road than hares.”

There are many paths, as many as walkers. I will show you some of those I have traveled.

Roads that take us to places of the past. Loarre Castle (Huesca-Spain)
Paths that take us to spas in the heart of the mountain. Panticosa (Spain).
Road to the palace in Illueca (Spain) of Pope Luna, who was an Aragonese nobleman, who as Benedict XIII, is considered an antipope by the Catholic Church.
Roads on rainy days. My husband taking a photograph, under the umbrellas of our friends. Kinderdijk (Netherlands)
Paths under the mountain. Zugarramurdi Caves (Spain)
Paths that take us to the sea.

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16 thoughts on “Along Back Country Roads

  1. Great roads and paths, all. The Spanish castle is a favorite. I motorcycled through Spain in a former lifetime and would come across small castle ruins seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful places.

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