Getting Away

Although a little late, I did not want to miss this week’s challenge, which has come from the hand of Rusha & Bert. Its post is magnificent and is accompanied by incredible images, do not miss it!

The reason I did not publish last Sunday, as usual, is because we got away to the Pyrenees to spend the weekend.

Valle de Otal
During my weekend getaway, there were no excursions, no visits to interesting places. Just rest and enjoy the company of my family. I just took a couple of pictures in the garden, which I haven’t checked out yet.
Tapa Argentina
There wasn’t getaway to eat some tapas.
Pirineos Sur
Nor have we been able to enjoy the music of the world, which always accompanied us during the July weekends in the festival of South Pyrenees. It’s been two years without music.

In the floating stage of the festival, located in a privileged place, neither music nor applause will sound. Let’s hope they come back next year.

I haven’t visited the challenge’s participating blogs either, I’m sorry. During this week, I have not had much desire to surf the Internet, when the heat comes, my inside batteries touch the minimum. Yesterday in my city we passed the 40ºC. Fortunately at night the wind has started to blow and the temperatures have cooled down a lot. Thank goodness! My energy is starting to recharge.

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13 thoughts on “Getting Away

  1. Beautiful images Ana! Remember, the music is always in your heart. We’ve been having a hot summer too with temperatures over 100 degrees F. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I am very sorry, but I have little time to visit blogs and I only follow those that are related to photography. Thank you for your interest.

          Liked by 1 person

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