Shades and Shadows

One of my photographic projects is “I’m a shadow in a world of shadows”, so I love the theme that Ann-Christine proposes us for this week.

In addition, thanks to her precious and instructive post, I begin to understood the difference between those two words, shades and shadows, in Spanish we only use one word for both and it’s a little confusing for me. Let’s see, if I understand.

My shadow loves to photograph flowers

And she loves posing for pictures, we’re very different, I hate it.

Well, now comes the complicated, I do not know as headline this photo… Shadows… Shadow coming out of the shades…

This one I think I have a little clearer… The little skater looks like a shadow in the shades.

The last one is taken in Salzburg in August, I assure you that if it were a Spanish city they would all be in the shade.

You’ll let me know if I’ve understood the difference between shade and shadow. 🤔

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15 thoughts on “Shades and Shadows

    1. Thank you very much Anne, you are very kind. The English language is a challenge for me. Initially in this blog only images were going to appear, but I have not been able to avoid that the words accompany them.
      Our shadows know very well what they are doing.😘

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  1. You understood it perfectly Ana. How interesting that so many non-native speakers only have a single word. Here in the US dictionary they define each of the two words using the other! Kind of silly isn’t it? Loved your examples, especially the shadow coming out of the shade!

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    1. Thank you very much, Tina. I had not used this image yet, because it seemed a bit confusing to me, now that I see two parts in it, I find more sense.


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