Golden Mountain

It is not wealth that it contains, only ephemeral beauty.

Biescas, Huesca (Spain)


10 thoughts on “Golden Mountain

  1. If you are not familiar with Richard Hawley a good place to start may be an album called Coles Corner or another called Lady’s Bridge. Both are named after places in Sheffield and both are great. Lady’s Bridge has the song Tonight The Streets Are Our’s which Banksy used in the opening sequence of his film. I also like the album Truelove’s Gutter which has a some nice quiet moments… Richard’s music can range from the tenderness of Hushabye Mountain to more powerful and rousing songs at the rockier end of the spectrum. He’s produced people like Nancy Sinatra and played with lots of bands including Pulp. His collaborations include working with Duane Eddy, Lisa Marie Presley and Arctic Monkeys to mention just a few. As you might gather I am a little less familiar with Lisa Hannigan’s music 🙂
    Have a great weekend…
    Best wishes, Mr C

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