From Large to Small

When I read Patti’s challenge for this week, which invited us to choose a color, starting with a large element until we got to a small one, the first thing I thought was what color would be the right one and I don’t doubt it much, orange.

It is said that the preference for orange reflects an artistic temperament, well I think it just encourages me and triggers my creativity.

It is also said that the vision of orange produces the sensation of greater supply of oxygen to the brain, producing an invigorating effect and stimulation of mental activity. Well, under these conditions, today the post should be perfect.

When the sky turns orange, it looks like another planet.
Conservatorio de Feldkirch
Feldkirch Conservatory (Austria)
It’s not a paella, it’s what we call Sunday rice. Made with whatever we find in the fridge, it can be chicken, pork chops, mushrooms, vegetables… and, of course, rice.
Orange roses are my favorite.
Pasión naranja / Orange passion
Looking into a flower is like digging into the mysteries of nature
Sr. Óxido / Mr. Rust
And to finish my little friend Mr. Rust, with his shiny orange armor.

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35 thoughts on “From Large to Small

    1. It is really delicious. We don’t call it a paella, although in this case it could well be, mainly because the container we use in this case is a paella, that’s what this pan with two handles is called, that’s where the name comes from. Although it is associated with a seafood rice, it can be made with other ingredients. 😘

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  1. Great color choice, Ana, and a wonderful collection of oranges. That paella looks wonderful and the orange rose is exquisite. I can see you had fun with this one!!

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  2. I agree, orange is an interesting color. The contracts of the sizes are beautifully captured. A gorgeous and creative series, Ana!


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